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Accomplished in fine art and editorial photography.
Specializing in landscape and its human interaction.
Based in Portland, ME.
Introducing Mark Yaggie.


Experienced in advertising and product photography.
Master of visual esthetic.
Based in San Diego, CA.
Introducing Steve Simar.


Master of the visual narrative.
Specializing in evocative editorial & lifestyle photography.
Based in San Diego, CA.
Introducing Don Mirra.


Expert in commercial graphic arts. Specializing in digital image editing, photo retouching/illustration and digital prepress.
Based in San Diego, CA.
Introducing Aj Goddard.


Accomplished in product and apparel styling, as well as set propping and design.
Based in San Diego, CA.
Introducing Michell Jackson


Well-seasoned wardrobe stylist. Acclaimed for her high-caliber creative talents.
Based in San Diego, CA.
Introducing Jeanette Jones-Harp.

At Burd & Co, we represent Southern California and beyond. We collaborate with clients to create images and outcomes worth more than a thousand words. Here, we have a healthy obsession with photography and tackle every opportunity with passionate energy and a personal touch.

With over a decade of commercial photography experience, we represent a diverse and dedicated group of photographers, retouchers and stylists. Our extensive expertise ranges from full production ventures to single image retouching. No matter the opportunity, creating innovative project solutions and keeping your budget in mind are always top priorities.

When founder Matt Burd is not representing his team’s commercial, editorial or fine art, you can find him helping raise his two little girls, surfing his local break or wrangling his flock of backyard birds.

Give us a shout. We’d love to hear about your next project.

562 354 1849

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